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Usually we feel more rested during the day when we’ve had at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Here’s the thing though, good sleep isn’t all about quantity. Because even if you’re one of the lucky souls who actually gets the recommended hours, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting quality sleep.

News flash: not all sleep is created equal.

While quantity is a little easier to measure and track, quality is trickier. It’s the measure of how good your sleep actually is—meaning whether your sleep is real & restorative.

here are three
simple things to help understand the quality of your sleep

some things
to factor in

Like anything when it comes to our bodies, we need to remember that we’re all different and our needs vary. Age and lifestyle play a big part.

the skinny

Not all sleep is created equal

Wake up america

Good sleep is both how you sleep
and how long you sleep

Wake up america

You can measure sleep quality by sleep latency, awake time and sleep efficiency

Wake up america

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