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insomnia: the full story

If you’ve ever struggled with sleep, chances are it’s impacted both your nights & your days. But even if you’re familiar, there may be more to insomnia than you realize- like what goes on in your brain at bedtime. Knowledge is power, people, so let’s get smart about sleeplessness.

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why night & day matter

Think insomnia is just a nighttime problem? Think again.

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the brain & what’s behind insomnia

Here we make science simple and learn what could be causing your insomnia.

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insomnia in numbers

America, the results are in. A recent survey by The Alliance for Sleep found some eye-opening facts about shut eye (or lack thereof).

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real sleep struggles real science

Narrated by the character of “Sleep”, this documentary dives into the minds of people who care about sleep, featuring a host of health professionals and experts on sleep science.

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Insomnia is both a night & day problem

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Sleep struggles can cause health, psychological, and emotional problems, mostly felt during the day

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Insomnia is not your fault – it’s a real medical condition

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