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how to chat with your doctor

Doctors can be miracle workers. But they’re not mind readers. So in order to get the right help for your sleep struggles, the first step is figuring out how to have a good chat with your doctor—or if you’re already using a treatment that isn’t working, figuring out how to have a different chat with your doctor.

“Just tell your doctor what the issue is.”
Easy, right? Well, unfortunately it’s not always so simple.

As patients we often rely on our doctors to do the talking and to ask all the questions.

But with a little preparation, we can help guide the conversation to make sure doctors are getting all the information they need.


Start with sleep

If your doctor doesn’t ask how you’re sleeping, tell them. Remember that sleep plays a huge role in our overall health, so it’s important for doctors to know. Over-sharing here is never a bad thing.

Talk about the quality & quantity of your sleep

Ask yourself how much you’re sleeping on average. Then think about how good that sleep is. Is it easy to fall asleep? Do you wake up often? Can you go back to sleep if you wake up during the night?

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Don’t forget the day

This is the big one. It’s vital you talk with your doctor about how good—or bad—your days are. Chat about both your nights & your days.

How to assess your morning

Expressing how you feel during the day can be tricky. Start by asking yourself how you feel when you wake up. Do you feel refreshed? Sleepy? Drowsy?

How to assess your day

Then think about how you feel and function during the day. Do you feel slower than normal? Do you have difficulty concentrating? How is your mood impacted?

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your chat checklist

Now we’re sure we’ve all been there—you go to see your doctor with a full list of questions to ask, but somehow, as soon as you’re with them, you forget every single one.

So here’s our helpful checklist of conversation starters to keep as a handy reminder when you chat with your doctor.

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learn about a prescription treatment option

Take the next step and get more info on
something that could help

the skinny

Take a minute to prepare before you chat with your doctor—use our helpful doctor-discussion guide

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Chat with your doctor about both your nights & days

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