Insomnia doesn’t just impact our nights; it impacts both our nights & days. So if, like Jen, you’re familiar with sleep struggles, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll join Jen on the road to rested nights & refreshed days.

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Jen’s sleep story

jen opens up about her sleep & health

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our night & day mission

We believe everyone should have good nights & good days. Sounds simple, but to get that we need to wake the world up to the reality of insomnia.

We need the full story— the night & day story.

That’s why we’re here to shake up the sleep status quo because sleep struggles don’t just impact your nights.

Insomnia impacts both your nights & days.

By understanding and talking about both nights & days we’ll finally get the right help that will allow us to seize the night & carpe the diem. So join us on our mission, because we will not rest, until we all rest.

Mic drop.

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let’s talk sleep and science

Join epidemiologist, public health advocate and two-time Olympic medalist Gabby Thomas as she starts a conversation with national experts about our favorite subject—sleep.

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gabby thomas

Athlete, Epidemiologist
and Public Health Advocate

dr. seixas

PhD, Sleep Specialist

dr. johnson

PhD, PhD, MSW, MS,
Sleep Epidemiologist

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